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Daisuki Joins the Legal Anime Streaming Market

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And, boy, do they have an interesting strategy to it.

daisukiDaisuki, a new anime streaming website, may have launched on Wednesday to an already congested market, but they already have an interesting strategy to make it your watching site of choice. For starters, Daisuki was created to be an aggregation website of sorts that not only plans to work with the anime companies directly, but plans to work together with existing anime streaming sites. Instead of trying to take licenses from companies like Funimation and Crunchyroll, Daisuki wants to be a one-stop shop to all the shows you want to watch, complete with proper subtitles.

Daisuki is co-owned by such big anime companies as Aniplex, NASSunrise, TMS Entertainment, and Toei, as well as two large Japanese advertisers Asatsu-DK and Dentsu (in case you were wondering how they were going to pay for all this).

Daisuki is available for free, but there are future plans to include the option to buy certain premium shows. There are also plans to include access for mobile devices, but currently only works for computers with current browsers and Flash support. There is no mention of region restrictions outside of Japan, but we are unable to confirm worldwide access at this time.

[Source: Daisuki]

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