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Daigo Breaks Up With Ryu

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If you’re a fan of the fighting games, then you know the name Daigo Umehara all too well. You might recall him from that one EVO 2004 video where he managed to parry all of the kicks in Chun-Li’s super combo finish, only to turn it around on her. I tell ya what, click me and I’ll show you.

Alright well maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic when I say that they’ve broken up. To be honest, they weren’t ever really THAT tight of a combination, but you could almost guarantee that anytime you’d see Daigo play, he’d be using a fireball-chucking Ken or Ryu.

Apparently ever since the folks at Capcom decided to tighten the gameplay up a bit when it comes to the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, he’s been switching to more of the ‘brawler’ type of character. Meaning guys like Yun and Guile.

According to the interview he had with Kotaku recently:

“I’ve always liked Yun as a character, and with all the changes to Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, it’s really a brand new game.

Ultimately I may play a different character as my tournament focus, but this is the perfect time to experiment and Yun has been going very well for me.”

It’s cool that the guy is finally going to try and play the game with other characters…but man he is still one of the best fighting game guys around.

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