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Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Score Leaked

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In what could be considered one of the most hyped albums to come out this year from the robotic French duo that we know and love as Daft Punk, the Tron Legacy soundtrack has been leaked to the interwebs for all pirates to steal.

Normally we wouldn’t care enough to put up a post detailing what torrents are up on the Internet, but you have to understand…this is THE album that the panel of the Red-Light Roundtable podcast have been waiting for (especially if you listen to myself and Evan).

We don’t condone people illegally downloading music from the web, but we do feel that if you’re a person who has already pre-purchased an album in full and are waiting for the restrictive release date to come about…December 7th I believe, then we see no harm. Neither he nor I have this downloaded, so stop with that line of thought, but we can absolutely see why people want their stuff early.

Like I said many times before, they’ve got my money already. Anything branded Daft Punk or Tron will always get a blank check from me. In the meantime, enjoy this 4 minute remix for ‘Derezzed’, their only official track that’s been released thus far.

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