Ryan Thomason

‘Cyber Monday’ is a Crap Gimmic

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Today is Cyber Monday. Do you care? If you’re like me, you either A) Forgot about it because you’re at work and have to catch up from missing so much time over the weekend or B) Know that the deals on ‘cyber monday’ are just whatever was leftover from the Friday after Thanksgiving sales.

I looked around, and yeah, there was maybe one or two things that I thought was cool. Did I buy them? Nope. Am I done with my Christmas shopping already? Nope, haven’t even started. I just don’t see the point, I’d rather wait a couple of weeks when I know there will be a better sale closer to Christmas and get a better deal. Cause the deals here are what you pretty much can get anywhere if you look hard enough on the internet. Only 21 of the 51 retailers surveyed on behalf of Shop.org are offering one-day Cyber Monday sales. Less than half of those stores gave a shit enough to offer a special deal today only. Yet the press freaks out over this day like it’s just as special as Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving sales for those of you in caves)

Did you buy something today? See if you can have it canceled, you’ll find a better deal later in the December. Don’t fall for it, Cyber Monday is just another gimmic to get people to impulse buy. This day would be better spent if everyone was in a chat room having internet sex like a real Cyber Monday should be.


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