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CW’s Flash Gets A Pair Of Possible Supervillains

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Run Flash, Run!!!……
With the Flash getting closer to shooting it’s pilot episode for CW, some recent casting news might have just tipped us as to who might be the series main villain, or should I say villains. It now appears that Rick Cosnett and Danielle Panabaker have been cast to play play Eddie Thawne and Caitlin Snow, better known to the comic world as supervillians Professor Zoom aka Reverse Flash, and Killer Frost.

Now it hasn’t been confirmed that they will be villains, and even Thawne’s name is a little different from the comic villain(it’s Eddie not Eobard), but I seriously doubt that CW would bring in characters that share so much in common with two of the Flash’s biggest enemies, only to not have them be villains on the show. Plus with the Barry Allen back story(first introduced on Arrow) sticking so close to the comic version, it would only make sense that Thawne would end up being this show big bad. For those of you not familiar with the Flash story, I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say that Thawne plays a big role in the reason Barry Allen is a superhero.
The CW’s version of Eddie Thawne will be a detective recently transfer to the Central City Police Department who carries a dark, mysterious secret. I wonder what that secret is, maybe that he is actually a time traveler with the same powers as Flash….but that’s just a guess. Caitlin Snow will be a genius bio-engineer who loses her fiance to an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. Does that lab work on anything that doesn’t explode in the Flash/Arrow television universe? Her back story is extremely similar to the comics, where she does end up becoming a supervillain I might add.

With the pilot hopefully launching a show this fall, we should have all our questions answered about what side of the law these two will be. My guess is that the Flash is gonna have to deal with both of them at some point, either way I’m starting to get real excited about the future of this show. I’m just glad that it looks like the creators of the CW’s Flash are committed to bringing much of the DC universe into this show like they have with Arrow. Fall cant get here soon enough, hopefully it arrives in a Flash….. But what do you think of the casting? Are these going to be the Flash’s biggest threats, or am I missing the boat on my prediction? Let us know what you think, sound off below!!

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