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Cuticle Detective Inaba: Episode 1 – Anime Review

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cdiDetective Conan had it easy.

Cuticle Detective Inaba
Episode 1: Counterfeit Currency Printing Incident/Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Incident
Publisher: Showgate

The winter season of anime is already off to a good start with Cuticle Detective Inaba, a detective series revolving around a bizarre cast of characters. Leading our band of crazies is the titular Inaba Hiroshi, a werewolf with an obsession for hair and an affinity for making up dances. Following his lead are Yūta Sasaki, his crossdressing secretary with a rather macabre sense of humor, Kei, the closest thing this show will get to a straight-laced character, and Kuniharu, Inaba’s former partner on the police force.

Those familiar with the fast-paced absurdity of Excel Saga will be right at home with Cuticle Detective Inaba, as nothing about this show screams “normal”. Hell, the villain the series starts us off with is a talking goat that eats money and regurgitates near-perfect counterfeit bills (if by near-perfect, you mean the portrait is of himself). Oh, and he happens to be the mob boss. Let that sink in for a bit.

While I’ve been less than impressed with what I’ve seen of the Winter lineup so far, Cuticle Detective Inaba is the dog-shaped ray of hope I’ve been looking for. I highly recommend adding this series to your Winter watching schedule.

Judge for yourself: Crunchyroll

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