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Curse of the Golden Flower – Review

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Subtitles AHOY! Yes, this is a movie made in China about the Emperor of the Tang dynasty. At the time (2006), it was the most expensive film ever made in China. It shows, the setting is just beautiful to look at while the costumes are elaborate and just damn cool looking. Starring Yun-Fat Chow (how it should be spelled) and the lovely Li Gong. Basically, it’s a story about a emperor who kidnapped himself a wife. She is then having an affair with her stepson, who is in turn sleeping with the palace doctors daughter….who turns out to be his half sister . Yeah, needless to say, this movie is bananas, but just so watch able if you can stand subtitles. When it gets actiony in the end, it’s blood and guts awesome. The kicker? Well, I don’t want to spoil it, but how the whole “mess” gets cleaned up and swept away, I was just awestruck. If you’re going to watch a foreign film this year (you should at least watch one) this should be it.

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