Curious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot Announced After 25th Anniversary

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If you didn’t already know, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of twice hit sensations the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and to celebrate 25 years of pizzas, mutants and footclans, it seems that a reboot set for 2011 has been announced. What is interesting however is what co creator and executive producer of the new film, Peter Laird said. Speaking to Variety, he mentions that “the film will remain true to the spirit of the original comicbooks.” Now, the original TMNT comic books were pretty dark in comparison to the more commonly remembered 80s cartoon series and the 3 live action films.  This gives the impression of a risky move as TMNT has always been aimed more at children than at adults, which could been seen especially with the disappointing TMNT back in 2007. Wasn’t that meant to a reboot too?

What is even more interesting though is that it’s going to be a live action film. Yes that’s right, in today’s world of CGI overkill, a mutant about 4 giant turtles is going to be live action. While many comic book movies are live action, most of them use CGI if it’s something not human. That being said the article does mention that the film may employ face replacement technology for the turtles, so there will be some CGI. However it makes me wonder whether this film will actually be geared towards children or the fans. I mean, the turtles looked good in the old live action films, but are modern day youngsters going to be as easily impressed when they’re constantly surrounded by CGI film after CGI film?  It would be wrong to have too much faith in this film right now, as the turtles have been on a downward spiral ever since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, but it’s still certainly something to be curious about. Fans have a while to wait though as the film isn’t planned to be released until 2011.

(PS: Reboots seem to be quite the rage lately) (PSS: Source was Variety)

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