Ryan Wilson

Crytek to Offer Engine to Indies

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Crytek, creators of such computer stressing titles as Crysis and Far Cry, have announced plans to release a software development kit for their internally developed CryEngine.

A software development kit (or SDK), for those not familiar, is a set of development tools created to ease the process of game creation. The CryEngine SDK, which Crytek is considering releasing for free, will have some stiff competition with Epic Games’ UDK and the Unity3D engine, competition which Crytek co-founder Anvi Yerli insists is “good for the community”.

As an aspiring game developer, I will be interested to see what Crytek brings to the table. While Epic’s UDK has a plethora of great features, its steep learning curve and even steeper profit cut frightens a lot of new developers. Unity3D I’ve found to be a whole lot friendlier, but is still on an uphill battle for greater recognition.

Let’s just hope that the SDK doesn’t require the purchase of new hardware just to run it.

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