Alan Smithee

Crysis 2 – New Screens

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It'd be cool to actually have one of these suits made, I can't imagine how much ass sweat it'd generate wearing one all the time though.

Christ, are all PC games that release screenshots similar in making ones that are tooo fucking detailed? Seriously, each one of these has stuff in the background that would normally be ignored when in action…but when you look at stills of it all, you can count the damned leaves on each one of the trees. I guess that’s what you can expect when it comes to Crytek.

If I had a high end gaming computer that could handle running any of these games, I might be excited. I just think that the screenshots look amazingly detailed. I heard rumor of them porting Crysis to the Xbox 360 a while back but there hasn’t been anything recent about it all. I guess I’ll just have to invoke the MediaWhore Mantra “Wait and see”.

Many thanks to the GamesRadar people for sharin’ the screens.

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