Crysis 2 multiplayer demo out for PC, 360 users get updated demo

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PC users can now brag about how good it looks and 360 players will apparently be getting an improved multiplayer demo. I checked out the multiplayer demo for the 360 a while back and came away from it feeling pretty unimpressed. I’m definitely willing to give the updated demo another chance to see if most of the issues have been corrected. There were a lot of balancing issues with melee attacks being one-hit kills and just an overall lack of polish. I was surprised to see these things coming from such a big game for EA and Crytek and it’s nice to see they are serious about their product.

PC gamers can pick up the demo from EA’s website and 360 users can find the replacement demo in the Xbox Live marketplace today.

I’m really hoping things got ironed out a bit and the multiplayer is a little more fun to play. It has a lot of promise and I would definitely like to be my fun alternative to most of the other online shooters out there these days. If you were disappointed by the demo before, maybe this is enough to give it another shot. And… if you happen to see some guy online jumping around like a wild monkey and sliding off of rooftops to his death… it’s most likely me.


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