Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm demos now available on Xbox Live

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Just wanted to remind all of you fine folks out there that two shooty games have new demos up on Xbox Live today. Go try them out, or don’t… doesn’t matter much to me either way. I am personally going to be all over the Crysis 2 demo because I don’t have a nice PC and was never able to check out the original. Bulletstorm on the other hand, I just can’t get excited about. I have no idea why, but that game just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Seriously, I just can’t get excited about shooting dudes in their balls and asses. I wish I could though.

Maybe I should lighten up and give it a try. I may discover that shooting a dude square in the anus, slapping a grenade around his neck, and kicking him into a giant venus fly-trap is actually a pretty good time. Anyone else going to give either of these two a test run?

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