Ryan Thomason

Cryptkeeper Steps Down, A British Wanker Stands Up

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Ok, I’m not positive on the wanker part, but at least that is was our WPR British correspondent said to me. I don’t know how many of you are newies type that pay attention but to me this is very interesting. Larry King has been hosting his show since 1985, though I don’t watch him daily, I did watch when he was interviewing someone I liked. He had is interview style, his suspenders that kept him alive and from falling over, and I didn’t mind watching. Is that going to be the same with Piers Morgan?

The only thing I know about Mr. Morgan is that he hosts some really crappy talent show here in the US that I’ve never watched. He won on his season of Celebrity Apprentice that Donald Trump hosts. And….I don’t know fill in the blanks? So, this is the guy that CNN wants to compete against the other networks? I’d rather they have put Craig Ferguson in the time slot. He would have nailed it better if they wanted a “British Guy” to host it.

I’ll give CNN credit for going out there and trying to get someone that was obscure enough, but not unrecognizable to the American public. When you replace a person like Larry King who even though his show fairly sucked (in my opinion), people knew who he was and what they were getting. If Morgan has any quests that I care about, I’ll be tuning in, but like the show he is taking over, I probably won’t be watching it anyways.

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