Crypticon Seattle 2013

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Crypticon Seattle 2013


Crypticon is the Pacific Northwest’s largest Horror Convention and a provider of the best weekend out of my year every year for the past five years. Earlier I wrote an article as a preview of the convention. Now, I’ve experienced it in full.

166916_10150508126679437_691359436_8348113_1373456811_nThis year there was some great guests, panels. and vendors! I received a killer CD from group called Overdue Exorcism. They’re a metal band who’s songs are inspired by horror movies. You can’t go wrong there, right? Ok, it may not be my thing, but if you’re into Metal & Horror click their link and check out their Facebook page.

FinalCoverI also met some fantastic authors. Michelle Killmer, Rebecca Hansen, and Shannon Robinson were very nice to talk with. In fact, Michelle gave me a copy of her newest book that she co-wrote with Rebecca called The Spread. It’s a “Zombie Short Story Collection,” and I finished it in two sittings. Check out Michelle’s website here and for the love of God, read her books! She is quite talented. While I didn’t get a book from Shannon I have found a book of hers and will be ordering a copy here soon. Check out her website here.


In my previous article I went over some of the guests and events and you can read that article here. One thing I mistakenly left out of that article was information about Paracon Northwest which is a sub-convention inside Crypticon. While I’m not a fan of or believer in ghosts, psychics, or any such things, I did like exploring their rooms. They held open discussions on the subject and I can respect that they left it open for the attendees opinions. If you are a fan of the paranormal, which I know a lot of you are, check them out here.


newbatheaderI didn’t attend as many panels as I usually do. This year’s panels weren’t quite as strong as previous years, but those that I did attend were worth the cost of admission alone! One of my favorite panels was Steven Holetz’ from the Bone Bat Show’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Panel. I woke up early to make it there, and it was totally worth it. We watched some classic cartoons from mine and even my grandparents childhood that had a macabre twist. Check out Steven and his many projects and contributions to the horror community here. Another great panel was one entitled Universal Grindhouse and touched on the bigger budget exploitation films that Universal produced between 1981-1983. The panelists were the very well informed Willy Greer and Jeff Dean formerly of Horror Holocaust radio, James Beach of Dark Discoveries Magazine, and Justin Giallo who once was programmer for The Grindhouse Series at the Grand Theater in Tacoma, and is now programmer at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas. I can’t say I have ever met a more informed group of panelists. The only way it would have been better was if I was up there pissing off people with my opinions on Halloween 3.


icezombieThe nights of Crypticon are always filled with the same thing. Biohazard parties! Biohazard parties have an open bar, tons of fun people dancing, and awful music. Music aside the parties are a blast! Friday night’s Biohazard Party introduced me to the amazing James Duval (Independence Day, SLC Punk, Donnie Darko, May, The Doom Generation, and so many more great movies). On Saturday night I went to my first prom: Zombie Prom. Something I would never have done if I didn’t end up meeting with a very talented professional make-up artist named Erik Albidress. Erik made me into an Ice Zombie that I must say deserved an award of some kind as you can see from the picture. Check out his Flicker page by clicking on his name.



James Duval and me drunk.

This convention may be the best thing ever for horror fans in the Northwest. I hope it continues to grow, and evolve into the nations biggest horror convention. If I was to give this convention a grade it would be an A-. The minus is only for the fact that they’re still growing. I have no doubt next year will continue to get better.

Here’s a preview of the articles you’ll see based on what I got from this convention.

Punk Is Dead: SLC Punk 2 Exclusive (including plot information)

Midnight Movies: What happened to horror on the TV? (based on conversations I had with Elvira & Joe Bob Briggs)

Most Importantly my interview with the ever amazing James Duval

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