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Crom Classic: The Great Bacon Exbeeriment

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Man has always been sure of two things:
– Beer can make almost anything taste better
– Bacon tastes delicious

So I figured:

Thus was born The Great Bacon Exbeeriment

Such an extreme task could not be accomplished alone, so I enlisted the help of two of my friends. The experiment would consist of:




Each bacon was allowed to marinate in a different beer for 3 hours. To avoid beer flavors mixing, the pan was cleaned after every combination. The bacon combinations were cooked from lightest to darkest to avoid drastic brew changes.

And now…The Great Bacon Exbeeriment


Me: Kinda bland…very little flavor
Sophie: No taste – hint of beer
Paul: Interesting. No real taste

Pale Ale

Me: More flavor than the Hefeweizen. Swiss cheesy.
Sophie: More flavor to it. Bitter, cheese-like flavor.
Paul: Tastes like cheese!

Pale Bock Lager

Me: Very flavorful and sweet, almost like a microbrew.
Sophie: Acquired taste. Bitter cheese
Paul: Sugar cheese

Honey Brown

Me: Tastes just like maple sugar bacon, with a very light beer aftertaste
Sophie: Tastes like bacon should. Perfect.
Paul: Deliciousness. Honey becomes strong


Me: Sweet and rich, but almost sickeningly so.
Sophie: A little bitter for me.
Paul: Really sweet.


Me: If Heaven was bacon and beer, this would be it. Perfect!
Sophie: Bravo! (Almost) perfect.
Paul: Oh my god! So different, so good.

Most delicious

Me: Guinness
Sophie: Honey Brown
Paul: Honey Brown

Least delicious

All: Hefeweizen

[This post was originally made Oct 7th, 2008. You can find the original post here]

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