Top Ten Underrated Alternative Bands: Creature Comfort

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Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort is easily the most underrated band on my list. With an album like Fox Tales you’d think they were a multi-national touring band with nice shiny record deal. Unfortunately, this is not true. Creature Comfort is simply an awesome local band from Nashville, TN that was smart enough to put their music up on Spotify. I sat down with the guys for a video interview a few weeks ago. You can see that interview at the bottom of this page.

I first heard of Creature Comfort in the Spring of 2013 when my good friend, and WatchPlayRead staffer Kristi, sent me a link to check out the song “Friend of a Friend” on Spotify. Now, I must admit Kristi sends me a lot of songs, and I do enjoy almost all of them quite a bit. Friend of a Friend was different though. Right away the lyrics hit me hard, especially the first verse.

The day that constance breathed

I wore my Heart on my sleeve

And tossed and turned while awake

and slept through my mistakes

Black eyes and broken teeth

Another ice cream treat that the sun melts away before you ate it

A free spirt is just a good excuse to be used and be used and be used

A free spirt is just a good excuse to be used and be used and be used

I listened to Friend of a Friend on repeat for weeks before I started listening to the rest of the album. I fell in love with Fox Tales from the get go. The beautiful art work, amazing songs, and for the most part, very fluid producing. I love an album that tells a story, and Fox Tales does this in an epic way. Creature Comfort manages to capture the emotion of young adulthood so vividly you can’t help but relate to every song. You can feel the frustrations, the misunderstandings, and the inflated emotions; it’s quite beautiful.

Another song that really spoke to me was “Riptide.” The mind blowing guitar parts by Nick Rose elevate this song to a level that’s reminiscent of  Johnny Marr of Morrissey fame. All the while Jesse Clark is pouring his soul out in vocals that raise the hair on the back of your arms. During the second half of the song the rhythm section comes alive. Cole Bearden’s bass lines are just as beautiful as Rose’s guitar work, and the drums come through in an emotional way that mirrors Clark’s singing.

Riptide, and Friend of a Friend are the two songs that have the most notable somber feel to them, and that is most likely why they were the most appealing to me. However, that doesn’t stop the rest of the album from being nothing short of amazing.

Check out Creature Comfort on Facebook, were they’ll be posting their new music video for “All of my Friends” soon.


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