Creative process behind Mortal Kombat fatalities revealed

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The process of creating fatalities for the new Mortal Kombat is apparently quite similar to things I used to do with my friends in elementary school. Today the director of art at NetherRealm Studios, Steve Beran, put up a post on the Playstation Blog, which you can read here, about the creative process behind the fatalities in Mortal Kombat. What it basically boils down to is a bunch of people sitting in a room talking about the most horrific things they can think of. They use “gruesome murder news stories, old horror movies, and actual nightmares” in an attempt to create the most brutal and disgusting fatalities to date. Sounds like these folks are living the dream, which is basically just acting like a 12 year old and getting paid loads of money to do it. Like I said, these are things I did for free with my friends while sucking down Slurpees and staying up way too late, so I can only imagine how much fun everyone is having who is involved with the project.

I’m looking forward to checking out the game when it hits, but I’m also pretty wary of it. In my opinion, the MK series hasn’t been that great since MK3. I’m definitely hoping the series is brought back to its former glory and brings solid gamepay to match the crazy ideas NetherRealms Studios has been throwing out there.

Any of you guys ever come up with your own fatalities or did you do similar stuff when you were kids?

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