Alan Smithee

Crackdown 2 – “Home Truths” Video

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Rule #3 of enticing WPR writers to favorably review a game, add zombies.

There’s been a ton of changes in Pacific City since the first Crackdown. Sure, things weren’t all that great when the main gangs ran the islands and you had to worry about being shot in the middle of the street or avoiding one of those so called “agents” from the Agency, but now…we have to deal with zombies?

Personally, I know that there are a few of us here at WPR that are dying to get their hands on this game. We loved the first one like a fat kid and cake, and it was one of those surprise hits for the Xbox 360 that everyone should have. I can only hope that the sales for the sequel are good enough that they will warrant a third, a fourth, and so on. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a fraction as fun as the first.

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