Crackdown 2 Gets A Time Glitch

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Like Just Cause 2 before it, someone has found a way to beat the 30 minute time limit in the Crackdown 2 demo that was released on XBL on Monday. The video will give you a clear idea of what you need to do but if you haven’t got the time to spare then here is the general idea;

  1. Load up the game as normal, select your agent and get to the point where a confirmation will pop up
  2. As soon as you press A, disconnect your 360 from the Internet and wait for an error screen to pop up.
  3. Put your network cable back in and again, load up the game as normal. When it asks you if you want to sign in, do it and create your game session
  4. If you’ve done it right then the game will load and the time limit will be frozen.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!

It’s just a shame that the game is slightly disappointing (in my opinion). I have no problem with it being familiar to the first game but it is just too familiar for me, with the same problems of the first game not being solved at all. It’s certainly not a bad game but it’s not the day one game I thought it might have been. However there are a lot of new toys so I might be wrong. What did you think of the demo?

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