Cowboys & Aliens – Trailer #3

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Not a whole lot of new footage in this trailer that aired at the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards (which amazingly looks worse than the VGAs) but hey, it’s a new trailer and this film looks fun.

I admittedly wasn’t too warm on the film when I saw the first trailer but the second did a much better job of showing of this manchild film of cowboys and aliens. It’s a ridiculous concept and anywhere else this would be a “so bad it’s good” film, but with the amount of talent behind it, it’s looking like a genuinely fun film. You’ve got Daniel Craig is full “James Bond Badass” mode, Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford and the very foxy Olivia Wilde, who probably doesn’t actually get naked like the trailer suggests. Not that that would be the only reason to watch it, we’re classier than that. The film is out July 29th.

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