Cowboys & Aliens – Mini Review

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If you like Cowboys, and if you like Aliens, then look no further. This movie will meet all your western-sci-fi action needs…assuming that you take it at face value.

The movie starts out with Daniel Craig waking up with no memory and a very fancy wristwatch. After killing the first three guys he meets (because he’s Daniel Craig) he heads over to Han Solo’s retirement community, which is almost immediately attacked by aliens. Presumably bounty hunters sent from Jabba the Hut or something (because it’s Han Solo.) The rest, as you can guess is 100 minutes of cowboys fighting aliens.

Now of course, everyone’s a critic. And for some reason there are people who don’t think cowboys fighting aliens is cool, but will still go see this movie and tell you it’s bad. Is it bad? Well the acting’s only okay. Daniel Craig is pretty intense, but I could still tell that he’s British. Harrison Ford makes for a decent cowboy but not a great cowboy. Olivia Wilde… well she’s pretty. Also there’s a boat sitting upside down in the middle of the desert that never gets explained…but who cares!? (honestly I didn’t realize that the boat didn’t make any sense until 18 hours later.)

In short if you DON’T like the idea of cowboys (the people) & aliens (the… NOT people) then you will probably not like Cowboys & Aliens (the movie.) It is not extraordinary, it is not mind blowing, and the plot twists aren’t all that exciting. But there’s a really huge part where cowboys shoot at aliens that’s really cool!

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