Counter Strike: Global Offensive Coming in 2012

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Alright, which one of you made a fat joke about Gaben and got Episode 3 delayed? Because Valve announced a new Counter Strike title today coming to PC AND consoles. Details are scarce with the developer literally just saying what it is, that being a team based shooter that’ll feature new maps, characters and weapons as well as new gameplay modes and updated versions of Counter Strike maps (you’ll still have your de_dust). It also has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern game like leaderboards and matchmaking.

The consoles referenced are referred to as “next gen” so that more than likely means Playstation 3 and PC, although Valve being Valve, who knows if that means Wii U as well? My rabid speculation aside, it’s out early next year and will be playable at PAX prime and the Eurogamer Expo next month (which I will be at). It’s not a solely inhouse project either. For Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve are co-working with Hidden Path Entertainent.

No doubt the Internet’s currently full of nerdraging Episode 3 devotees pissed at Valve working on yet another game before it as well as hardcore Counter Strike players who will be raging over the fact that it’s not PC only. It should be interesting to see how the PS3 version turns out, given Steamworks was implemented into that console’s version of Portal 2. It could allow Valve to give it the same support that they will with the PC version. As for the Xbox 360? Well if Team Fortress 2 is any indication, that’ll be the worst version thanks to Microsoft. Counter Strike has been one of the most popular PC shooters around over the 10+ years since it was released, so will Valve be able to please fans of its hardcore nature and survive on the COD ruled console market?

Source: Valve

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