Could it be? The return of You Don’t Know Jack!

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Anyone familiar with You Don’t Know Jack? It was a series of PC games back in the 90s that were trivia games for up to three players. The series was known for colorful hosts (that would change between games), crazy questions and minigames, and a lot of humor and insults. The PC games spanned over 5 years before moving to a netshow for a few years and finally an online version that has 100 episodes on the developer, Jellyvision’s site.

Well a new post on the site has appeared nearly a year and a half later and we may be seeing the return.

That’s right. Mike Bilder of Jellyvision was at E3 last week and teased a deal with Jellyvision and THQ. The new post on the YDKJ website doesn’t give us any more info, but looks to be enough to confirm a partnership between them and THQ. This is great news, as I could see this working as a XBLA/PSN style game.

Not familiar with YDKJ? Head over to the YDKJ website, click the Go Play It button, and lose your productivity for the rest of the week. I mean, there are 100 of these mini episodes for you to try.

Or you can watch some vids below of the hilarity that is You Don’t Know Jack.

Warning, some NSFW audio language in the vids:

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