James Helsby

Costner signs on as Jonathan Kent in Superman

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Looks like for all intents and purposes, that Kevin Costner landed the role of Jonathan Kent, in Zach Sniders new adaptation of Superman.

I am by no means a Costner fan. I don’t think I can think of a single movie that he has been in, that I have really enjoyed. So to be honest, hearing that Costner landed the part of Clark Kent’s faster father, in the new adaptation of the classic comic, doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. To me, Costner always seems to come across as snobbish, or slow. It’s really hard to put my finger on it.

But considering how well he adapts to playing the part of a country hick, I can imagine the casting is fairly decent and accurate. Expect to see Field of Dreams, err. Superman, in theaters in 2012.


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