Conspiracy Theory: Samuel L. Jackson Going To Die Soon?

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You’ve probably seen this picture, but let’s go a little further into the details. Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel L. Jackson were all set to be in a movie called Soul Men, that is currently in post-production and was to be released in November of 2008. This picture is from Isaac Hayes’ website, and shows the three actors standing together. Two of these men have passed away in the last two days, and some people are wondering if this is all a coincidence or something more.

The first strange thing is that Bernie and Isaac are standing in the order they died, from left to right. Samuel L. Jackson would obviously appear to be the next to die, if Final Destination has taught us anything. Secondly, the plot of the movie has to do with death. From Wikipedia, “Two former backup soul singers who haven’t spoken to each other in 20 years reluctantly agree to travel cross country together to a reunion concert to honor their recently deceased band member.” Call me paranoid, but I’m taking a stand and saying this movie is cursed. Samuel L. Jackson, I don’t know how much security you have, but you need more, You are more of an endangered species than the dodo right now. May God be with you, cause fate apparently isn’t.

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