Conscience Off, Dick On

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Well if that ain’t the motto of this particular show I don’t know what is. Yes folks, True Blood is back, back, back with more graphic gore and nudity than in most butcher shop orgies.

The first episode follows on directly from the end of the cliffhanger that the last season ended on, Bill has been kidnapped, Jason killed love of Tara’s life ‘Eggs’ when he saw what looked like Eggs threatening his new friend, the drunk and useless Detective Andy with a machette and Jessica killed a trucker and started down the ‘dark path’, which is probably to forever dominate her destiny.

Of course, what that little summary forgets is just how joyously batshit insane the last season was, and damn, nothing seems to be changing there. There is nothing like this on TV and nothing else should be, it’s fun and sexy and dirty and well, brilliant.

My biggest surprise was how easily I slipped back into it after such a long break, with almost no easing into it I’m right back into loving these characters and their stories. Also all the boobies.

But you don’t need to be told how good the acting, writing and directing (and yes, the boobies) are do you? Because you’re already watching it, aren’t you?

However just incase you wanted a little more incentive to watch the antidote to Twilight: Werewolves. Nazi werewolves.

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