Alan Smithee

Congratulations Runic Games!

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I've never seen a retail version of the game, like an actual box of the game...huh, guess you learn something new every day.Not only have you guys managed to sell over half-a-million units of Torchlight, but for bringing us one of the funnest PC experiences we’ve had in years. Your game has been a breath of fresh air in an all too stale PC gaming world.

Now that we have Torchlight on the PC and the Mac…all that’s left is if you could get it onto the consoles through XBL and PSN, like you were talking about a little while back, we’d all be set!

I guess congratulations are also in order for your recent acquisition by Perfect World, and we are all waiting on tenterhooks over what Torchlight’s MMO will be like…especially with the fact you’re going to be releasing it free and only charging for micro-transactions (our favorite type of MMO).

From all of us fans over here at WatchPlayRead, we salute you.

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