Concerning Piracy, Imports, and Mothers

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As you may have read already, today a full English translation patch for Mother 3, the follow up to the cult classic Earthbound, was released. Now, to use this patch, you must download a Mother 3 ROM, which, if you don’t own Mother 3, is technically illegal. Now here’s where it gets kooky. So you’re supposed to own a Japanese copy of Mother 3 in order to play an English version of Mother 3, which no one at Nintendo put any effort whatsoever into. I have talked to a lot of people, and a surprising amount of them have said that yes, they have or are in the process of importing Mother 3 so that they are not technically pirating anything.

Now before I say this next statement, let me say that Media Whore Network does not condone piracy. Several of us own huge collections of games, and we feel that when you pirate games, or movies, or whatever, you are killing the industry that you enjoy. With that out of the way, do not import Mother 3. Please don’t.

Let me tell you the message you are sending out when you import Mother 3. You are telling Nintendo that this is good enough. That playing a ROM hack is good enough, and they’ve done their job. When you import Mother 3, you are giving Nintendo your money for something that you can’t use. They have no reason to make an official English version, because they already have your money.

I am a video game collector, and I want to pay for Mother 3. I want to own it, I want to put it in my DS or Game Boy Advance, but I will not pay for a copy that will just sit in my closet while I play a ROM hack on my computer. If Nintendo just doesn’t want to release an English copy of Mother 3, they won’t, but importing the game is not going to change their minds.

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