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Conan: The Hand of Nergal – Review

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One of the longest single issue of a comic that I’ve read in a long time, 64 pages. How was it? Damn good.

Unless I’m wrong of course, but this single comic that I read didn’t seem to be broken up at all. This adaption from the Robert Howard story was about Nergal trying to seed his entrance into the world of men. This whole issue was a great story, wonderfully done by Timothy Truman. The pacing was excellent, and had me so sucked in, when I finished reading I didn’t even realize so much time had passed as I slowly soaked up each page for all that it was worth. Though, I could probably thank the artwork of Tomas Giorello for that too. Once again his dark and wonderfully done artwork really had me imagining the world of Conan.

From the blood soaked swords, to the heaving, well endowed women in skimpy clothing, I was left just staring at the pages. When my wife’s cousin came into the room to see what I was doing. All he said was “wow” When I showed him the page I was on. That single world pretty much summed up all the awesomeness that comes with Conan the Cimmerian.

Again I find myself wondering how much this comic strayed from the words of Howard way back in the 1930’s and the glorious four years that he wrote and created Conan. Don’t worry, once I have time, I plan on doing a full write up on that subject. For now though, The Hand of Nergal was a great read for any Conan fan, this time with armies of undead and Conan kicking their asses. I loved how it ended, with him barely walking away from the whole thing with nothing but “a good winter cloak, horse, and a Aquilian made broadsword.” for all his troubles.

Every Conan fan should be hitting up the Dark Horse back catalogs and revisiting these comics, they make the old movies practically useless in the Conan universe these are where it’s really at. I’m just pissed it too me so long to figure that out.

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