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Conan The Avenger #21 – Comic Review

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Ah, the good ‘ol nail a dude to the cross routine. This is CONAN, I think he’ll be just fine.

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Conan21 Cover

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Jose Luis
Cover Artist: Paul Renaud
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: December 30, 2015

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Queen Taramis’s twin sister Salome has returned, after being left for dead in the desert because of her birthmark of a witch curse that passes through their family line. Conan has been captured by Constantius who is set on letting Conan die by a manner in the most painful way possible. Nailed to a cross (well, a big X, so I guess a real cross) Conan is left to be devoured by the vultures.

Fred Van Lente gives us a Conan that we don’t see, a Conan that is vulnerable. A Conan that is almost at the point of giving up in pure delirium and lost sense of hope. The artwork of Jose Luis is well done, giving us a bulkier Conan that spares no effort in the details. Frankly, Jose creates a scene of grit and realism in the pages that drew me in.

This whole issue is Conan dealing with fatigue, lack of water, pain from being nailed at the palms and ankles by nails with large heads. With the ever encircling vultures, though we get a bit of Conan that you’d expect when one flew just a little too close. By the conclusion, I’m not surprised at the resilience of Conan and his determination to prove himself. It’s what has always made me fond of this barbarian from Cimmeria.

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