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Conan The Avenger #20 – Comic Review

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Conan The Avenger #20 – Comic Review

It’s a whole new ARC in Conan the Avenger with A Witch Shall be Born: Part 1 Following the titanic events at the Oasis of Akrel, Conan and Natala parted company as Natala joined Janissa’s (The Widowmaker) band of warrior she-devils, and Taramis, beloved queen of Khauran, made the Cimmerian the captain of her royal guard. Now, a long forgotten secret from the queen’s past comes back to haunt her…

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conan the avenger #20

Conan The Avenger #20
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Brian Ching
Cover Artist: Paul Renaud
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: November 25th, 2015

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If you are just diving into Conan The Avenger, and you’re looking to start with this arc, be warned, this issue is mostly about setup. With 19 previous issues of Conan goodness, Issue #20 sets up the big twist coming for Taramis and how Conan just can’t get away from them damned Witches. It didn’t take Taramis long to get neutralized, but as we get fhe first half of the comic as setup, the story is now staged properly to watch Conan just do what he does best for the rest of the ARC. The other players have found their places and not it’s time for Conan to shine. I mean, there is a whole mercenary army of Shemits to kill.

I’ve been digging the stories that Fred Van Lente has been weaving through these issues. They are essentially new Conan work, since the premise for this whole story came from scraps of notes given by the family of Robert E Howard (the creator of Conan). I couldn’t help but grin that during this issue when everyone was looking one way, it was only Conan who basically said “This shit is messed up, you’re wrong, time to start killing people to set things right”. Really, it’s what you expect in sword and sorcery. So much sorcery lately, but it’s been well done. Brian Ching continues to be my favorite Conan artist of all time. His detail to backgrounds, large combat scenes and just the way he draws people is extremely appealing to me. I can’t get enough of his work.

If you are looking to dive into Conan the Avenger, issue #20 is a good starting place. It may not be heavy with actual Conan, but just have patience, wait until the next issue. This is a well done setup for what should be a pretty great story arc!





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