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Conan: Mask of Archeron, Movie Adaption – Review

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This comic based on the movie adaption for the coming Conan: The Barbarian that premieres today. It doesn’t seem to touch on anything that we’ve seen so far in the movie trailers, for that, I’m grateful. It’s not that I don’t want the movie to be spoiled, well, ok I don’t want the movie to be totally spoiled. I don’t know what the movie will all be about, but if this is the general storyline, I’m even more excited.

The mask of Archeron is a powerful talisman created be necromancers from a long bygone age, we got Khalar Zym, and his daughter trying to put the mask back together, and use the last pure blood Archon to seed the mask with blood. To turn Zym into a living god, yeah that can only end well right? The comic is really, really heavy on the actual Khalar Zym storyline, of him retrieving the mask and hunting down the last pure blood with his daughter. I’m assuming that this is basically setting up the movies storyline so that you know why the supposed main villain is doing what he’s doing. We get a glimpse of Conan as a boy, faced with a decision on whether or not to kill his own father. It doesn’t bode well.

Finally at the end of the story we get full on grown up Conan being a kick as barbarian that he is. It just seemed to short for me though. Of course the last pure blood is someone he’s protecting, and I’m sure he bedded her 50 times.

Crom demands it.

While the story was great, after reading all the Robert E. Howard adaptions from Dark Horse, this one was noticeably different from the straight book adaptions. I did like the comic though. I’m hoping that with this background knowledge, it will make the movie that much better.

Praise Crom

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