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Conan: Black Colossus – Review

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My final and probably most favorite of all the Conan comics that came to us courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. Black Colossus should be a Conan movie in it’s own right.

If there is one thing we never really got to see from Conan, was the middle ground. With him being a thief and mercenary and king as the extremes. In this comic, Conan is leading the armies of a kingdom on the brink of invasion and eminent slaughter. The princess that has called for him to lead was directed by a god to recruit Conan, which obviously doesn’t settle well with the nobleman that thinks he should be leading the armies. This time Conan is fighting a reborn wizard from 3000 years ago that is set on bringing…Set back into the world of men, and laying claim to both Hell and Earth.

It was another well done comic by Truman and Giorello. The story and artwork this time around had the heartbeat of a movie that had taken your attention and didn’t let up until Conan was having sex with the princess in a tomb at the very end.

Told you it was good.

I might be a sucker for big battles, and this is basically the whole basis of the story for this one. Conan is leading a whole damn army after all, and we see him make military decisions that crush the invaders who by all means should annihilate Conan and his rag tag band. What we really get here is Conan proving to the reader that he’s a natural born man of war, and that him becoming king eventually wasn’t any kind of fluke.

There is so much to this story, that I feel bad if I tried to give anything away that might ruin it for you, this comic has been out for a while, so you might want to check the digital backlog for Dark Horse or see if your local Comic shop can snag you a copy. If you consider yourself a true Conan fan, this is our favorite Cimmarian doing what he does best.

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