Sarah Eitelberg

Conan The Barbarian #24

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22890Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Riccardo Burchielli

Publisher: Dark Horse
Release date: January 22nd, 2014
Price: 3.50$

For the love of Crom, when will people stop pissing off Conan? It never ends well for them!

Conan sits in a humid dark forest, bow notched and quiver full of waiting arrows strapped to his back. A terrifying horde of what seems like demonic hyenas descend upon him. Vicious blood thirsty creatures that seem to be fueled by the fiery hate of hell. Even as these horrific creatures have they’re sights have locked on to the massive yet lone man, my money still on the barbarian with the single bow

Now we all know Conan is a bad ass; maybe even the original bad ass, but this comic will reinforced your faith in the Crimmerian tenfold. Watching him rip this horrible horde of hell hounds apart made me sit back and just say, “damn, Conan—damn.” Riccardo Burchielli’s carnage, and bloody battle scenes are so fantastically done they make you wince every time one of the demon dogs take a bite out of Conan. Not that he seems to mind. He almost robotically carves through the mob, mindlessly driven by his goal. He knows it’s him, or them.

While the dialogue is mostly narrative, it certainly sets the mood of the comic. Quiet, and a little stoic; with not many sound effects in the fight even. Making it seem as if the jungle is unnaturally quiet as it watches Conan and the hellish creatures battle. Seeing who will come out the victor, and who won’t come out at all. More reinforcement of the legendary bad-assery that is Conan. A whole Eco system stops to watch you fight.

Now I’m more familiar with Arnold’s portrayal of Conan (yes, yes, please hold all hateful emails until the end), but I’m glad to have been able check out the barbaian’s more original content. And let me tell you I’m really liking what I’m seeing! As this is almost the end of what seems like an interesting story arc, I would love to start at the beginning and see what kind of journey had brought the Crimmerian to this accursed place.


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