Complete Series: FlashForward

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I would be doing an End Season Roundtable however FlashForward has officially been canceled in it’s first season. Apparently they were not ready for it as the last episode of the series had a lot of cliff hangers like a season finale would. So let’s talk about the series as a whole, because of it being cancelled I don’t recommend it to anyone.

Spoiler Alert.

FlashForward had a cool idea. Basically the entire world blacked out while they saw their future. A small segment six months into the future. It started on a simple concept but the turning point of the series for me was when one of the characters who had seen the future and didn’t like what he saw decided to change fate and kill himself. He succeeded in killing himself thus giving the idea that perhaps the future wasn’t set in stone. But then the series became a bit lackluster, after all it had character arcs that were just plain lame. But when they finally got into how the black out got started they started finding out that this wasn’t the first, just the first on that wide of a scale. Other people had done up to two hundred flash forwards to find out their future and what they found were more so just different strings of possibilities to what could have happened. The show was quite ambitious since the show was trying to play like it was being done the week of the airing, but in the story there was flash forward proof that the world would end in 2015. Thus stating the show would be on the air for another 5 years. At the end of the season they experience the future they saw and find out that another black out is going to occur only to find it spans to different time periods depending on the person.

If this show was renewed then I would put up a warning recommendation that it was a show which you could get into but it wouldn’t satisfy in every episode. But now that it officially has ended I don’t think the show is worth time at all at this point. It is sad when a show dies before it could go on, but there are many other shows I would want to be renewed ahead of Flash Forward so it’s not too big of a loss. ABC is currently doing a lot of epic shows so I’m sure they’ll come up with something else big in the coming months.

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