Robert Chesley

“Commander” Packaging Images

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Wizards recently released the packaging images for the highly anticipated “Commander” decks that are coming out this summer.

Each of those cards on the front of the packaging will be “big” versions of cards that are in the deck as well as completely foiled out. Of what we can determine from the packaging, I’m a lot more excited for this release as anything. It confirms that each of the decks will have 15 of the “new” cards. It has been previously announced that there will be 51 “new” cards that are unique to this set. That means we’ll see a few cards that will overlap.

I’m already on board to get ten of these sets (as I want one of each to “keep” as well as one of each to “break apart” for my own commander decks).

This set drops at your favorite place to buy Magic cards on June 17th.

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