Robert Chesley

Commander Deck Lists Spoiled

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Over the first preview week, we got a full taste of what all the decks have in store.

Over the course of the last week we got the full deck lists from the community for the upcoming Commander decks coming out on June 17th.

Instead of listing all the deck lists here just check them out over at MTGSalvation. There are lot of really good staples for the format included in these decks. Including cards like Solemn Simulacrum and Oblivion Stone.

The best deck for the price is “Devour for Power” it includes many sought after cards in it as well as having some of the better new cards for the decks. Personally, my favorite deck is Mirror Mastery. Propaganda is one of my all time favorite cards and I can’t wait to get “new frame” versions for my decks.

These decks should be available at your favorite store, be it hobby or department, on June 17th. I would hurry if you wanted a deck, they have been extremely popular and most of the popular websites on the internet have been sold out for about 2 weeks now. Wizards has stated previously that they would print enough to meet demand so expect several reprints.

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