Coming soon to a 360 near you…DLC for MTG!

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If I had a time machine, I would venture into the future day by day until I found the exact release date for Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers Duel the Dragon DLC.  Sadly, I don’t have such a fantastic time travelling device and I still don’t know when the content will be released.  But, the word of the day is “soon”.

This could be the good kind or bad kind of a 3-way, depending on your winning/losing.

This could be the good kind or bad kind of a 3-way, depending on your winning/losing.

When I attended a party provided by the wonderful people at Magic the Gathering, I was teased with a few things.  A new set being released, giant pictures showing off some of the cards in the upcoming set, and something for those XBLA MTG players.  The first, of hopefully many, DLC will be released within a “month-ish”.  But, that was about a month ago and I’m still frothing at the mouth after getting a taste of thing to come.

Now most will probably be dying to get their hands on either of the three new playable decks, one of which being Tezzeret’s Relics of Doom deck (but be warned, this version has been altered).  The other two being a red/green deck (Cries of Rage) with some fast power and a white/blue deck (Mind of the Void) with a treacherous trick or two ready for you.  There is a fourth deck, but you are only allowed to duel against it.  This last deck is possibly one of the nastiest decks I have ever seen in action.  A red/blue/black deck, belonging to Nicol Bolas, using all three colors to hit hard, fast, and screw with your head.  Such great examples to be feared will be talked about in my in-depth review of the DLC, once it physically hits XBLA.  I am intrigued as to what power lies within these new decks, but my true curiosity asks one major question.  Since each of the eight original decks will be gaining three new cards to be unlocked, what exactly will those new cards be?  What power house cards will surpass the likes of Dread, Vigor, and Hellkite Overlord?  Only time, hopefully a very short amount of time, will tell.

For those of you not satisfied with this mere addition of new decks and cards, there are several other time draining bits and pieces still to be enjoyed.  New puzzles, some of which may take more than a single turn to win.  New Two-Headed Giant campaign tag teams to trample.  And, to pull in more current players, improvements to the online multiplayer.  Including a few minor bugs and glitches being fixed, meaning fewer crashes occuring.  However, four words will be cheered over and over to the faithful and confident.  No more rage quits!

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