Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Wyonna Earp: The Yeti Wars #1

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What happens when you’re a descendent of Wyatt Earp, a US Marshall, and you’re tracking down Paranormal fugitives? You fight Yetis! Or this evil doctor dude that has Thing Maker, yes, that is what it’s called. Because he makes THINGS with his Thing Maker, animal hybrid human things that don’t pay attention to the scientists that experimented on them. Even when said scientist told the weird things that hey, the FED them, and like, changed out the newspapers in the glass cages that are so small that the Things apparently have to stand upright at all times. Damn unappreciative thing….things.

I don’t think we’re supposed to take this new comic run seriously though, I mean, it’s a descendent of Wyatt Earp and she’s a federal marshal that hunts down weird shit. So I tried to not take it too seriously. I like the idea that writer/creator Beau Smith came up with, I could have done with some more originality with how he named stuff. Aside from the Thing Maker Dr Badguy, the evil group is the Immortal Consortium, and I don’t know if some of the satellite stuff is actually called Re-Imager that tracks helicopters but it didn’t seem authentic. I did chuckle at Wyonna shouting “I’m the law!” which was a total Judge Dredd moment for me.. I do like the Wyonna character though, she’s got some good liners, and it’s nice to have a woman kicking peoples asses and shooting wild gorillas in the head for a change. I’m interested to see how the Yetis will actually play into the next issue, since all it appears is that Yetis hide in thick Alaskan Pine trees and pull people up into them from the ground without being seen. Mind you, that the images of the Yetis at the end of the the issue, they’re like 8 feet tall with huge muscles. Maybe the are like Yeti tree snakes? I chuckled at the US Marshalls snow trawler where yet another yeti pulled it’s driver through the roof unseen. These yetis sure do like pulling people up into/out of things.

STORY: 78%
ART: 75%

Enrique Villagran does a nice job on the artwork, I wasn’t overly impressed that it blew my socks off, but it wasn’t a pile of crap either. It served the comic book well, and I like how he draws Wyonna, she just has that, I may be good looking but I’ll kick you in the balls look. I’m hoping that as the issues progress the art will only get better as he draws the characters more and more.

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