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Comic Review, Undying Love #2

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Every time I start another vampire story I always say to myself that I’m going to hate it and that it will only end up being a waste of time. Yet again, I’m proven wrong.

I’m still going to give this comic a couple of issues but I like the premise of what I walked into only two issues deep into the series. Though I missed the first issue and thus giving me only a guessing game as to why this badass of a guy walks right into a Hong Kong club/casino, beats the crap out of anybody in his path and walks right into the VIP area and starts kicking some vampire ass. I just say that it was enough for me to want to keep reading further issues. The little asian kid (vampire I’m assuming) was just icing on the cake, splaying a vampire over that bit our American badass/vampire casino club wrecker on the shoulder. The kid uses a huge pair of what looks like tree branch cutters to crack open the vampires ribcage so that he can remove the heart. To burn into a tea to drink.

It’s that awesome.

Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman did an excellent job of keeping a story that kept me engaged and thirsting (pun intended) for more. I’m going to have to hunt down the first issue so that I can fully understand where our main character is coming from and be able to give you guys a little more background as to where the story is developing. It looks like they tried to stay true to Vampire Canon (There is a first vampire, and the vampire strength is diluted through each new generation of those bit) this isn’t your ‘Twilight’ BS (At least from what I can tell so far, I don’t know if the vampires are day walkers or not).

STORY: 87%
ART: 89%

Tomm Coker pulls double duty and does the artwork as well for the comic, and as I looked through the artwork for a second time, the best word that kept coming to mind to describe the artwork was “adult”. It’s been a long ass time since I was in an art class, but this isn’t your typical lines and coloring that you get in comic books. The whole time I was looking at the art, it was very appealing to me, especially during the close up of faces where it seemed to take on more of a painting form than the usual clean lines and color fill-ins. It may be my novice comic book skills that I’m still trying to adapt, but it’s my honest opinion. I crave ‘adultness’ in my “Me Time” when the wife and kids are asleep, and the artwork that Tomm Coker delivered for me.

I’ll keep reading this series as they come out for me from the Image Comics pipeline here at WPR, maybe I’ll figure out how to more properly define the art style that we see here but until then, make sure you really put this comic up for consideration when you go to clean out your hold on this Wednesday.

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