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Comic Review, Transformers ( 3rd Movie Adaption) #1 & #2

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I sit down and read the comics with Transformers newest fan, my 3 year old. First I have to setup the reason for this a little better. While shopping at Target over the weekend, my three year old easily spotted all the Transformers stuff on display in the kids books section. When he picked up a book and then wanted to sit in the shopping car and look at the pictures I was satisfied. It wasn’t until we went to check out and buy our weekly groceries did I notice he was reading the Transformers comic, a quick look on the back and I saw IDW. When he started to whine and cry about wanting to keep it, I easily told him we could read it on Daddys big computer…for free.

I don’t know where my son’s newfound fascination for Transformers stems from, he hasn’t watched the show at all, and has maybe seen a handful of movie trailers sometimes. Already he knows who is who. Thankfully these comics are well done, because I only have to tell him who someone is once or twice and he’s got it down. I loved the artwork that has come along in this series. Because these comics are a movie adaption, I’m going to keep my lips sealed on what is happening, but if this is what we’re going to see in the next movie, it’s going to be awesome. None of the trailers have hinted at the one character in the comic that we’ve been seeing. Oh wait, I have spoiler code to hide stuff. Sentinel Prime, the mentor and leader of the Autobots before Optimus Prime is baaaack. Really, the movie is going to be awesome if it sticks in anyway to this comic.

STORY: 90%
ART: 92%

John Barber writes a great story, and usually I’m good with reading to my son, but most of the time, he kept prodding me to keep reading when I just wanted to speed read ahead. I think the slower pace (with a 3 year old line of questioning after nearly every panel) really helped me actually get into the story for the first time in a while for comic books. The artwork by Jorge Jimenez Moreno is very well done. If my three year old, who usually has no attention span these days can sit on my lap, SHOUT into my ear every single transformer on the page, even have a couple of ‘whoa’ moments. I think you did a great job. I should see if Jorge does children’s books.

If you can’t wait for the third Transformers movie to come out, this is definitely something you can pick up, hell you can get this comic at TARGET of all places, you don’t even need a comic book store. If you’re a dad like me, you kids will eat this up, its fun, not too violent, but does have some slight language (saying words like kill, death, etc) if you’re trying to keep the little kids away from all of that. Me? I’ll keep reading these to my son, it’s all he talks about is reading Transformers on the big computer. Who am I to stifle an awesome thing like that?

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