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Comic Review: Goners #1

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Goners arrives just in time for Halloween. Check out this new title from Image from Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona and put a little fright in your life.


Goners #1
Creator/ Wirter: Jacob Semahn
Creator/Artist: Jorge Corona
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: October 22, 2014

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Terrible creatures roam this Earth. Dark monstrous beings wait in shadows and hunger for human flesh and fear. Thankfully, a single family of hunters have kept back the terrible beasts for generations–the Latimers. The current generation of monster hunters has turned their family heritage into a profit, making their ongoing battles viewable to the world through television. Everyone is hooked on watching the dynamic supernatural butt kicking duo push back monstrous creatures from dark, especially their children and future monster beating Latimers, Zoe and Josiah. This night, however, the world witnesses a terrible accident and now the Latimer children are on a run for their very lives!

You just can’t go wrong with a good old fashion story about a family of monster hunters. A family who deals with the normal everyday trials, such as bedtimes and taxes, but still has time to stab a zombie through the chest is something everyone can enjoy!  Goners keeps a good balance of spooky action and endearing family bonding, however the Latimer children a touch cliche in my opinion. Zoe is the classic tween sister in charge of her younger bratty brother, Josiah. And, they don’t seem to hold a candle to their parent’s awesome one liners and monster killing skills. One can only hope that Francis, the Latimier family friend and now children’s protector, can level them up to awesome but for now they just kind of annoy me.

While the Latimer children don’t do much for me, the supporting characters certainly do! Francis is a huge powerful man and overall a fun character. I knew I’d love him after he throws a desk through the wall crushing a handful of monstrous creatures and then apologizes for being late as he was taking a nap. His obvious love and affection for the children certainly sealed the deal for me as favorite character, he is their family even if not blood related. Plus, who can’t resist a big guy with a soft heart? Detective McCarthy is another great personality. He’s a seasoned cop and close friends with the Latimer family. He and Francis take on the protection of the children from what goes bump in the night with clever one liners and witty come backs, like real monster hunting professionals. One can only hope they will rub off on the kids.

Fast paced and full of delightful, gory action, Goners will keep you going to  the very last exciting panel! Peppered with cliffhangers and mysteries that entice the reader instead of frustrate them will have you keeping an eye out for issue #2 (out November 19th).  Start this supernatural journey today and see if the Latimer’s legacy can continue on.



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