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Comic Review, Super Dinosaur #1

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What happens when Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) decides that a 9 foot T-Rex with a large assortment of weaponry (Missiles) is a good idea? AWESOME THINGS!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve read something that just had me grinning the whole damn time. Super Dinosaur is just a damn fun read from the mind of Robert Kirkman and stellar artwork by Jason Howard. What happens when it turns our that the Earth is actually hollow and in that void, Dinosaurs roam, then a couple of scientists turn them into talking hulks to kick each others asses? A fine example of Robert Kirkman just delivering a solid story. Derek Dynamo is a kid who is a genius, he makes awesome robots and bombs, and helps repair Super Dinosaurs suit, and like he says throughout the issue, He’s Awesome. Got it? Good. Super Dinosaur is just a hilarious character, one on, it’s a T Rex that talks like a 14 year old kid and has a love for shooting other super smart/crazy dinosaurs with missiles. I snorted when I saw a panel of Super Dinosaur with a video game controller in his tiny hands/arms and he just says “Sup.” That’s the brilliance of Kirkman.

STORY: 98%
ART: 98%

Though, you can’t have such a great story without good art, and DAMN, Jason Howard doesn’t screw around. Everything he did was just clean, colorful and was fun to look at. It’s obvious that when you’re working with someone like Kirkman you bring you A++ game, and Howard easily did that.

If you’re looking for something fun to do when this comic book comes out this week on 4/20 (stop snickering) this is going to be a kick ass ride. Seriously, make sure you got a copy in your hold, this comic has everything a geek needs, Genius Kid, Dinosaurs, Ass Kicking, and Missiles, never forget your missiles.

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