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Comic Review: The Squidder #1 from the Mind of Ben Templesmith

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The Elder Gods, and things of the occult nature have always been a curiosity for people who like stuff a little strange and macabre.  So, it’s no surprise to see another title that uses this subject matter for the center of it’s vision.  Now, IDW brings us another enjoyable tale of war and carnage amidst the elder gods, in The Squidder.

The Squidder #1 cover via IDW Publishing

The Squidder #1 cover via IDW Publishing

Writer & Artist: Ben Templesmith
Published by: IDW Publishing
Release date: July 16, 2014

The Squidder is already in its second printing. Pick up a copy of Squidder #1 (2nd Printing) today.

While it might seem like nothing new under the sun, The Squidder is fresh in that it brings us a world imagined where we struggle to live with our would-be conquerors.  Our story begins In the wake of an invasion of giant squid-like aliens, and the human race has been ravaged by these tentacled nasties.  The would-be knights in the war, simply called “Squidders,” even enhanced with cybernetics and nanite enhancements, are not enough to stop the onslaught of The Squid-like aliens.

Now, with The Squidders beaten, and forced to worship and serve, these tentacled terrors would have the survivors of the human race as slaves.  But, one last knight in the war remains, living as a gypsy and mercenary and known as ‘The Squidder’ on account of him being the last of a legion.  The Squidder’s tale begins in blood and violence, and the offer of a contract.  Following a brief history lesson on the state of events, and a small backup story about our hero, The Squidder gets off to a tense beginning.  Our hero is none to happy with the state of affairs in his world, and very displeased with his fellow humans for allowing things to get so bad.  Which makes The Squidder a hard individual to socialize with, to say the least.

The art in The Squidder is stooped in mystery, smoke and blood. With a nice big dose of the macabre’ thrown in to the panels for good measure. Each shot seems to be filled to the brim with signs of death and destruction brought at the tentacles of the Squids. Smoke and carnage permeate the landscape to no end, and it is sweet.  Lots of tentacled creepy craziness in this one!  Are these grabby ghouls from outer-space, or another dimension?  There doesn’t seem to be any magic involved in this title, that I noticed. Either way it’s a cool subject matter, especially if you’re into horror.  The Squidder is all pulp and blood and dirt and grit.  So it’s definitely worth the look if you like less traditional artwork in your books.  Also, as I’ve said before, the the water-color style seems to be quite popular right now.  The Squidder uses this style to good effect in showcasing the blood and carnage that is now a common thing in the world of The Squidder.  Check out where this dystopian future is headed today!!

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