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Comic Review, Morning Glories #9

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Morning Glories proves that you shouldn’t just judge a comic book by it’s cover. Which is what I had been doing the previous eight issues, no more will that be happening.

I have no idea what I was getting into when I decided to finally take a look at this series that Image sent to me with all the other comics for this week. Honestly, I’ve been skipping all the previous issues because the covers seemed like it was centered on some kind of High School in nature. I thought this was going to be a comic I could just lampoon, holy crap did I find myself wrong. Now, I’m more mad at myself because I have no idea what is going on and will have to buy the previous issues to get up to speed.

From what I can gather, Morning Glories is based around a school, whether it’s mutants, or just special/genius kids, I have no clue, that is something I’ll have to dig up when I read the back issues. The first thing off the bat was that I really dug the artwork in this comic. Joe Eisma is a damn good artist, his characters are clean and well done, I couldn’t be happier. I love clean art, and Eisma delivers. I found myself going back and just looking at the whole page of Jun hugging Hisao after the big reveal (I’m assuming it hadn’t been said in the previous issues, again, I’m kicking myself for not reading earlier). I have a brother, and I know that I’d have done the same for that little bastard given the circumstances. (You know I love you Nate.) I couldn’t help but just find myself diving into the story that Nick Spencer weaves around you as the story progresses. I can’t wait to start this series for realsies this time because if this issue is a determinant, I’m willing to bet the story that has lead up to this issue is just as damn good.

STORY: 94%
ART: 95%

Even though I’m late to jump into the boat on this series, it really felt like I did so at the right time. I can just sense the tension that I’m looking in on the comic as something huge is about to go down. It’s like being oblivious to something monumental for a long time, and then when you finally see it, you’re just struck and standing there soaking it all in, wondering how you could have missed it.

This is not some comic about High School angst or other bull crap that I thought it was when I just glanced at the covers, there is a real good story developing I just know it, and the artwork alone should be enough to draw you in. Morning Glories #9 is available starting today at your local comic shop.

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