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Comic Review: Material #1

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Ales Kot’s and Will Tempest’s Material #1 from Image Comics falls a little flat.

Material #1


WRITER: Ales Kot
ARTIST: Will Tempest
LETTERER: Clayton Cowles
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: 5/27/2015
Snap up a copy of Material #1 to try it out for yourself.

Sometimes you read a comic that weaves together several different stories and it works perfectly (see: Bodies), and then sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, at least for me, that’s the case with Material #1 from Ales Kot and Will Tempest. We’ve got four stories here: a professor who “meets” something that goes against his core beliefs – an Artificial Intelligence, a drug addict trying to find her way back into acting, a man recently released from Guantanamo Bay, where he was tortured, and an African American boy who gets caught up in a riot and is interrogated by the police. Woven throughout the issue are recent names and events in our news brought on by hate, racism, and politics.

I was only really invested (and only barely) in two of the stories – that of the boy and that of the professor who is questioning everything he believes in. The other two, especially the actress’ story, were not at all entertaining to me. I found myself rushing through them because I couldn’t connect nor relate. Honestly though, I was confused by a lot of this issue, and I don’t think I’ll keep reading Material.

Out of all of the stories, I think the one about the boy who is a victim of racial profiling will be the most relatable because it is comparable to some current events that have recently happened. Even if the reader has never been a victim of racial profiling, most people have felt alienated at one point or another.

Material #1 is different from most things I’ve read, especially when it comes to comics. I’m not really sure how to take it, but it fell a little flat to me. The four stories didn’t relate to each other much, other than saying everyone has problems no matter what they look like or what their background is like, and it was hard to connect to some of them. I personally won’t be reading more.

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