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Comic Review: Lady Killer #1 from Dark Horse

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The new series, Lady Killer, from Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, takes on the classic double-life of an assassin: this time with a full skirt, petticoat, and pearls. Lady Killer #1 is stylish, intriguing, and a bit bloody.

Lady Killer #1 cover

Lady Killer #1 fvia Dark Horse Comics, cover by Joelle Jones

Lady Killer #1

Writer: Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colors: Laura Allred
Letters: Crank!
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release date: January 7, 2014

Having your main character leading a double life is a mainstay of our media in comics, novels, television and movies. Because the set-up is ubiquitous, it is easy to get lazy with it, become too cliché or too hokey. Jones and Rich hit the sweet spot with Lady Killer. Do not hesitate to pick up Lady Killer #1 at you local shop and order Lady Killer #2 from WatchPlayRead today.

The Avon lady has never been more deadly. The first issue opens with what seems to be an innocent visit from a prim, yet somewhat pushy, Mrs. Anderson selling make-up door to door. Since the book is called Lady Killer, it’s no surprise that this sales pitch on the season’s new cosmetics is a rouse to get time alone with Ms. Roman. The house call goes horribly wrong due to a couple of rambunctious terriers and not just for the buyer, but for the assassin as well.

When at home, Josie’s life is all about raising twin girls, getting dinner on the table, and appeasing her German-speaking live-in mother-in-law. How long she can keep up this balancing act is the big question. With Josie’s handler who calls during the dinner hour and then shows up at her front door unexpectedly, it seems Josie won’t have a chance against ever-watching eye of Sauron, oh sorry, I mean her mother-in-law. Is this gig is up before it gets started? Luckily, her loving husband appears to have no idea that his wife can kill as easily as she can cook a roast.

The first issue of Lady Killer gives us a baseline for the duplicity of Josie’s career and life at home. Her next assignment will test her skills to manage both as she takes to an equivalent of the Playboy Club for access her next target. I’m excited to read more for sure.

The art is a great fit for the story. The sort-of-classic, sort-of-Aeon Flux nexus Jones created works for me and the script too. Allred’s color palette of pastels and soft hues sets the mood and invokes the 1950s similar to what Tim Burton achieved in Edward Scissorhands. I’m glad this is not set in the 1970s because I really can’t handle the avocado and harvest gold so common to that era. Yuck.

Based on the first issue, I declare Lady Killer a hit.

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