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Comic Review: Imperial #1

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Mark McDonnell has been chosen to succeed the most powerful man in the world in as a symbol of hope and courage for mankind, a mighty superhero, in Imperial #1. To bad he’s a complete and utter dingus.

Cover of Imperial #1 via Image Comics

Cover of Imperial #1 via Image Comics

Imperial #1
Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Artist: Marc Dos Santos
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: August 6, 2014

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The (apparently) great superhero Imperial has for some reason or another, appointed Mark to inherit his title and crown–to become a defender of justice and the common man. Mark has more important things going on of course, you know, like getting married in two weeks and trying not to piss off the one woman who who actually likes sleeping with him. Imperial doesn’t care much for what his inheritor thinks he wants, interrupting Mark’s life at highly inappropriate times for what one can only assume is “hero training.” Impassive and, much to Mark’s frustration, not very informative, the pristine Imperial doesn’t give much information on why the groom-to-be is to become an iconic figure. Or even why Imperial needs a replacement! Can this dork become the hero the world needs? Can he even survive basic training? Who’s going to tell his fiancée?

What a fun take on the joe-blow-gains-super-powers routine that’s seemed to be about as over played as superhero aliens from other planets. Mark is the definition of joe-blow with his rental house, his upcoming wedding, and of course his comic book collection. This 20-something white male should be boring me to tears, but Mark has certain adorkable charm that warms my calloused heart. Marc Dos Santo’s awesome art might have something to do with it. His face’s are just superb in every scene and seem to breath life in to these characters, especially Mark.  Each expression of his stupid face are so realistic you can really tell he’s just pissed pants. Imperial starts so vague that you keep reading just to try to figure out what the heck is going on, slowly building up the pace until the explosive cliff hanger last page!

Check out Imperial #1 for a fresh taste on a classic hero beginnings story about a guy who makes Peter Parker seem like a winner.

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