Comic Review, Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil

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I love the Hellboy one shots! I love the big story arcs too, but its nice to get a break from them every once in a while and do something small and self contained. What could be better than a Mike Mignola Hellboy one shot? Well for starters this is a double feature, and it is drawn by Richard Corben (yes, that Richard Corben!) making his fifth visit to the Hellboy universe! Because I’m writing this, and that means you have to care, Corben worked on one of my other favorite Hellboy stories “The Crooked Man.”

Being a double feature this issue has two stories, both involving human sacrifice

The first takes place in Kansas in 1960. A man is given a house by a mysterious stranger. When he moves in, he finds a body in a locked room. Through the magic of comic books he learns that it is his job to lock people in that room, to make human sacrifices, in exchange he is given gold coins. After performing his civic duty for two years he brings in Hellboy seemingly to solve the mystery and save the day. Being a Hellboy comic, the craziness happens. It’s a great little “locked room” story

The second story is much shorter, but equally good. A deranged museum gift shop employee thinks that he is an Egyptian Pharaoh and he must sacrifice the girl that spurned him to the Egyptian gods. Hellboy gets involved and things get messy.

This was a great issue! Also, this makes a great introduction to the Hellboy universe if you have never read him. Bottom line $3.50 for a “double feature!”

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