Ryan Thomason

Comic Review: Halcyon #1

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Usually I can find something I like in most comic books that I read, but for some reason, I had a hard time doing that with Halcyon #1. The art wasn’t bad, the writing was OK, maybe that was it, it just felt…run of the mill?

It’s your standard new introductory comic, characters are revealed, a bad guy is made known, and it’s a learning process. I didn’t like how the female super heroes weren’t so feminine. I’m not talking about big boobs, because they stuck to that cliche pretty well. It’s just that the neck muscles on the females reminded me more of a middle linebacker. When one hero was battling what looked like insurgents in Pakistan, they basically wrote everyone talking in English text but squiggled the lines around and put marks below or above some letters to make it look Arabic Everyone just seemed too….similar?

I didn’t outright hate the comic though, interestingly enough, I liked the ‘Bad Guy’ the best, and honestly hope that he breaths some life into the comic in the coming issues. I’ll give it a 3 issue chance to win me over, but they aren’t starting from a high bar to begin with.

Score: $1.50/2.99

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